Why Nest Is Best

You don’t have to take our word for it when we say Nest is the best adjustable thermostat for your home.

The geeks at thewirecutter.com, an independent testing site, say it for us:

“We spent more than a month trying five popular smart thermostats—testing the hardware, their accompanying mobile apps, and their integrations with various smart-home systems—and the third-generation Nest remains our pick,” reports the site. “It’s still the easiest, most intuitive thermostat we tested, offering the best combination of style and substance.”

Nest’s third-generation thermostat worked and looked better than four competitors, according to a variety of tests conducted by the wirecutter.com. It’s another reason why Freedom Heating and Cooling is proud Nest Pro Dealer and excited to offer this device!

You can read all the details at http://thewirecutter.com/reviews/the-best-thermostat/ or you can cut to the bottom line and see why Nest ranks ahead of its competitors:

“The third generation Nest’s learning mode, simple user interface, and compatibility with a wide range of smart-home products keep it our top pick among smart thermostats. It can act as an independent, nearly sentient device that controls the comfort of your home with little to no input from you—after the first week of use. This is the ultimate goal of any smart device, for the technology to dissolve into the background and for everything to just work. None of the Nest’s competitors have so far successfully emulated this simplicity with solid results, which is why we still recommend the Nest as the best smart thermostat.”