We didn’t just luck into that number.  We had a plan to make your yellow pages (back when they mattered) obsolete.  Get an easy to remember phone number!

My father started this project by looking around how other companies had achieved those name phone numbers.  All the ones we found like 123-cool or 234-heat didn’t seem to be that memorable and unique.  As we investigated we found the Birmingham, Alabama area had added a new exchange, the 444 prefix.

I started calling Bellsouth (Currently party of AT&T) to ask about the availability.  “That number is not available”, “Not available”, “currently unavailable” was heard constantly.  But I kept consistent and kept getting transferred.  After about 3 months and about 15 “NO’s”, I finally made it to the department that handles “vanity” phone numbers.

Like “vanity” license plates, these are restricted to a department that make sure not to issue inappropriate vanity numbers just like license plate will not issue bad words.  The gentleman I spoke to acted like it was no big deal and issued us the number rather easily.

This proves in business and a lot of life situations, “persistency pays off”.  It cost no more than any other phone number and we have used it ever since.

Remember 205-444-4444 for all our HVAC Needs.  Cheesy tagline I know, but it makes the yellow pages obsolete. (That and Google, lol)



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