You’re probably familiar with zoned heating and air conditioning systems – many modern homes use them.

Zoned heating and air conditioning systems allow you to set specific temperatures for different areas – zones – of your house. In Alabama – zoned heating and cooling is an excellent option for home owners who have larger homes but do not need to heat and or cool each area of the home identically.

Getting Air in the Zone

Even though they create different temperatures for different zones, zoned heating and air conditioning systems actually operate based on a single HVAC unit. The air supplied by that unit is distributed to various zones within the house via valves (also known as dampers). Each damper controls airflow to a specific zone. When a thermostat in a zone is set at a particular temperature – for example, 73 degrees – and the air temperature in the zone rises or falls below that temp, the system will turn on, the dampers for that zone only will open, and the air will be heated or cooled until the 73 degree temperature is reached. Once that happens, the dampers close and the system shuts off – until it’s needed again.

Zoned Heating and Air Conditioning Systems – Convenient, Cost-effective and Energy-efficient

There are many benefits to using a zoned heating and air conditioning system, not the least of which are that these systems tend to be very energy-efficient and cost-effective. Think about it… the system is not working to cool or heat the entire home all day and night… it provides the delivery of warmth or conditioned air to the part of the home that needs it the most. A programmable thermostat comes in real handy on these systems. The drawback to zoned heating and cooling is often considered to be the upfront costs. Whilst that is true to some degree – the cost savings over the lifetime of the system in energy consumption and efficiency of the unit will often cover the additional upfront costs in a short time frame.

As you can probably guess, zoned heating and air conditioning systems are extremely popular. We have been installing and repairing them in homes in and around Birmingham, Bessemer and Tuscaloosa since 1994.

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