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With the extreme temperatures throughout the year, your HVAC systems can go through a lot – they not only shift between heating and cooling in the transitional months, but they are counted on to run at full capacity in the summer and winter months. We’ll repair any make or model of system.

Providing AC Cooling, Heating, Plumbing & Water Heater Repair services from Birmingham to Tuscaloosa.

When your system needs repair, you can count on Freedom Heating and Cooling to restore it to peak capacity at a moment’s notice. You deserve an HVAC and Water Heater repair service company that can respond quickly and provide quality work. With Freedom, you never have to doubt that when the weather is uncomfortable, your home won’t be.

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On all cooling models and types, Freedom will perform:

Cooling Repairs

When it’s too hot in your home and your air conditioner isn’t working, you need the problem fixed fast! Rely on Freedom Heating and Cooling for 24/7 emergency air conditioning repair service. We give you worry free comfort today.


Heating Repairs

When your heating breaks, you want to address it as soon as possible to prevent further system damage. Our 24/7 emergency service provides peace of mind and ensures that Northern Alabama will stay covered around the clock.


A few reasons you may want to replace your HVAC unit rather than repair it in Birmingham, AL include:

  • Your HVAC system is over 10 years old. 
  • Your HVAC system requires frequent repairs. 
  • Your HVAC system does not heat and cool your home well. 

Another reason you may want to replace your HVAC system rather than repair it is if the cost to repair it outweighs the cost to replace it. As your HVAC system ages, it can cost you more on energy and repairs each year. To get your HVAC unit repaired or replaced, call us today.

It costs around $350-$1,200 to fix an HVAC leak in Birmingham, AL. The overall cost of the repair will depend on how severe the refrigerant leak is, if replacement parts are needed and the type of refrigerant that your system uses. Most systems use R-410A now, but some older systems use R22, which was discontinued in 2020. If your system still uses R22, the price to recharge the refrigerant will be more expensive since R22 is harder to obtain now. To get your HVAC leak repaired, contact us today

You can finance a replacement HVAC system in Birmingham, AL through the following methods:

  • Financing through your HVAC contractor.
  • A loan through the Federal Housing Administration.
  • A home equity loan through your bank. 

Financing a new HVAC system can be expensive, but these financing options can make it more affordable. At Freedom Heating & Cooling, we understand that purchasing a new HVAC system can be costly, which is why we offer financing options through PowerPay and GreenSky. To find out more about our financing options, give us a call today

Technician was very professional and courteous. It was a pleasure to have him in my home and comforting for him to service our HVAC.

Steve D

Northern Alabama’s Cooling, Heating and Water Heater Repair Services

When is the worst time to need cooling, heating or water heater repair? Holidays, weekends, between 5 p.m. and 9 a.m., parties and family gatherings, while you’re doing the laundry, taking a shower or washing dishes. When is the best time to need cooling, heating or water heater repair? Never!