Refrigerant AC sealant can offer a great alternative solution when a leak is too expensive or too inaccessible to fix.


Modern sealants worked on a variety of equipment, including rooftop packaged air conditioning units, air conditioning split systems, small refrigerators, commercial refrigerators, walk-in coolers and freezers, reach-in coolers, and ice makers, according to an article in


The author, Patrick O’Donnell of LoneStar Heating and Cooling in Houston, said he has used it successfully on more than 100 installations.


However, there are limits.


Sealants probably won’t work on systems with holes larger than 300 microns — about the diameter of a human hair.


“The only time the sealant didn’t work for me was attempting to seal a hole that was too large,” O’Donnell reported.


When a modern sealant exits a leak hole, it reacts with outside moisture and crystalizes around the hole to form a strong bond. “This is very similar to how the human body’s blood naturally coagulates around a wound to form a scab.”


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