The Lennox Carbon Clean 16 Air Filter vs.
the PureAir Air Purification System

An air purifier connected to your HVAC system can drastically improve your quality of life. The American Lung Association has found that unclean air in the home can lead to asthma, dry eyes, headaches, nasal problems, nausea, exhaustion, infections in the lungs, and even cancer. Freedom Heating and Cooling offers two excellent filtration units from Lennox: The Carbon Clean 16, and the PureAir Air Purification System.

Both the Carbon Clean 16 and the PureAir System come with the highest MERV rating on their air filters, which is MERV 16. This means that both air purifiers trap airborne particles with the maximum efficiency possible. They each remove 95 percent of airborne particles as small as 0.3 microns, and 90 percent of bioaerosols such as viruses, bacteria, and other microorganisms as small as 0.01 microns. This means that either air purifier is suitable for use in hospitals. Each air purifier is capable of keeping an entire home’s air supply fresh and clean.

The big difference between the Carbon Clean 16 and the PureAir System is that the PureAir contains ultra violet light bulbs and a titanium dioxide metal mesh filter. The UV lights destroy dangerous bioaerosols such as viruses and bacteria, while the titanium dioxide filter helps eliminate chemical vapors and odors more efficiently. The PureAir system requires external power, while the Carbon Clean 16 does not.

The Mayo Clinic reports that dedicated whole-home air filtration systems are much more effective than freestanding indoor air purifiers. Both of these Lennox filters help eliminate viruses, bacteria, cooking oils, mold, allergens like pollen, dust, and tobacco particles from the air supply. Modern homes are often very well insulated and sealed in order to conserve energy, so these bothersome particles can linger around for a long time without proper filtration. The filtration provided from the Carbon Clean 16 and the PureAir System helps to protect your HVAC equipment from wear and tear, too.

The Carbon Clean 16 air purifier is currently the number 1 whole-home clean air solution. Many people like the fact that it requires no external power source in order to operate.

In both of these Lennox air purifiers, the filters last approximately one year before replacement is required. The coconut-based active carbon pleat filter in both the Carbon Clean 16 and the PureAir System break down odors 20 percent faster than non-coconut based active carbon filters, too.

Both air purifier systems break down more than half of the ozone in a home into oxygen. Scientists have identified ozone as a lung irritant. HEPA filters do not break down ozone, and some other filtration systems actually create ozone as a byproduct.

The Carbon Clean 16 is an excellent air purifier for clean air inside the home. When removing bioaerosols such as bacteria and viruses from the air, the Carbon Clean 16 can only trap them in the filter. While effective, it also means that they are not destroyed. Any that slip through the filter will continue to circulate through the home, causing illness. The activated charcoal in the Carbon Clean 16 will eliminate odor, but at a slower rate than the PureAir’s activated carbon filter used in conjunction with its metal mesh.

The PureAir Air Purification System outdoes the Carbon Clean 16 in several ways, and really is the very best air purifier on the market for use in homes. It combines hospital quality, coconut-based active charcoal filter technology with germicidal ultra violet light and titanium dioxide metal mesh odor filtration. This process creates extremely clean indoor air supplies for the entire home. That’s a good thing, because the Environmental Protection Agency has determined that the air inside most homes is up to five times more polluted than the air outside.

The PureAir System doesn’t just trap viruses, bacteria, and other harmful organisms in its filter. It actually destroys many of them that get through using ultra violet light bulbs placed after the pleat filter. This makes the home an even safer place to breath than the Carbon Clean 16 can make it. Unfortunately, though, the PureAir filter has to use constant electricity in order for the bulbs to operate. Also, the bulbs have to be replaced once per year along with the filter. Again, the Carbon Clean 16 only requires filter replacement and does not use electricity.

The PureAir System also destroys odors, too. While the Carbon Clean 16 only traps harmful microorganisms, chemical vapors, and odors, the PureAir traps and destroys them both. Energy from the UV lights in the PureAir System combine with the titanium dioxide metal mesh in order to break apart odorous compounds. Because the PureAir destroys all of these compounds as well as trapping them, this air purifier cleans and deodorizes the air in a home much, much faster than the Carbon Clean 16.

Settling for a cheaper air purifier is not a wise decision. Smaller, portable purification units are often ineffective. There are three general categories of air particles: general particulates, bioaerosols, and chemical vapors. It does the occupants of a home no substantial good to acquire a filter that removes dust and chemicals, but leaves behind bioaerosols such as viruses and bacteria. An air filter should be there to keep the occupants of a home healthy, but companies actually do make air purifiers that fail to filter out certain categories of air particles. It’s best not to settle for these poor quality filtration units.

Each of the two Lennox air purifier units here are excellent, and they can both be used in general hospital areas and surgical wards. While they both deliver the highest level of pleat filtration possible, the PureAir System takes air purification to the highest level. Priced at $599, the Carbon Clean 16 is more than adequate. However, for those who want the very best possible air filtration in their home, the PureAir System, priced at $1899, delivers just that. The PureAir combines the finest pleat air filtration with technology that actually destroys illness-causing germs and offensive odors instead of just trapping them. Freedom Heating and Cooling can install either of these air purification solutions.  Call us today at 205-444-4444



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