Many clients often ask us tell them what they need for their heating and cooling system. That is a very involved question.  It can depend on your family, the property arrangement, and how a home owner will use a property.  Getting a proper design of a heating and cooling system before you start buying and installing HVAC equipment will lead to a much better system and a happy homeowner.

We recently took over a job where the previous contractor didn’t do any planning. He installed the equipment with the service panel against a wall.  This will lead to many headaches in the future when a simple adjustment is needed.  The unit would have to be removed, fixed and then reinstalled just for a simple change in the blower speed.  Planning and design are a critical part of a successful and happy client.  Many HVAC service technician just jump into work and may not be thinking the full project through.  We came in to finish a job the previous contractor started but did not have the expertise to correct all the problems he created.

We use a simple survey form to get clients thinking about the full project and it even helps them realize that a comfort system can do more than provide warm or cool air.  Heat, cool, comfort, efficiency, price, allergy control, are any of these important?  A proper system can clean the air, purify the air of living organisms, control humidity, provide fresh air from outside the home.  A comfort system can balance airflow to all rooms and can save on utility costs.  But all of these items can seem over whelming.  A design plan and survey keeps it all organized.

After completing a survey, the process is to prioritize the items in order of importance. This will greatly reduce the reengineering that sometimes occurs when work is started then it is planned.

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