High tech is in the house!

With households consuming an estimated 55 percent of the energy used in buildings, it makes sense that homeowners turn to technology to seek more efficiency and hold the line on utility costs. Health is a concern, too, with people suffering from allergies and people concerned about the impact of refrigerants on the environment. It’s why [...]

Avoid these 3 heating mistakes

Thermostat Many people like to lower the heat at night while they sleep, but turning down the thermostat too far can be counterproductive. That’s because the heating system will have to work harder in the morning to warm the house. Space heater Don’t expect to save money or energy with a space heater unless [...]

Protect Your Home With This One Trick

If you own a home with an attic, temperatures can get as high as 150°F in the summer in your attic. That intense heat leaks into the home below and raises your cost to keep your home cooled efficiently. While your air conditioning thermostat may be set in the 70s for your comfort down [...]

Freedom Fall Cleaning

Not too early to check your heating system In our part of Alabama, the arrival of football season is a good reminder to ensure your heater is running at peak efficiency and won’t encounter costly problems that can be avoided. You can have both your heating and air conditioning systems checked at the same [...]

Building a new home?

We can help. You definitely want to have an experienced HVAC contractor on your team when you decide what kind of system to install in your new house. We can answer your questions about size, insulation, ductwork and other issues that will make or break your comfort level. First, we can help you assess [...]

4 Energy Saving Tips That Will Put Money Back In Your Pocket

Tired of seeing a sharp increase in your energy bill? According to a study by The Demand Institute, American household spending on electricity has grown an average of 56% since 2000. According to the same report: 71% of American homeowners say a home’s energy efficiency is important. 67% of the study has taken some measure [...]

“The Other Guy Said He Could Do It Cheaper!”

Sometimes we hear “the other guy said he could do it cheaper.” We don’t hear that often, but it’s frustrating on the rare occasions when we do. Here is what’s unfair about those comparisons: First, how can someone who wasn’t there to solve the problem determine how much it should have cost to [...]

Ductless Technology Can Add Comfort

The ductless market continues to grow, offering new opportunities to homeowners who are building a new house or remodeling. Ductless technology works not just in single rooms and historic buildings but also in modern structures. It appeals to “early adopters,” folks who eager to try new and better techniques for ductless because it [...]

High-end systems offer new benefits

When it comes to air-conditioners, manufacturers are adding new features that increase performance and comfort. The question, of course, is whether the price tag fits your budget. Here are snapshots of some of the new product offerings, thanks to Joanne Turpin, a contributing editor at www.achrnews.com. American Standard American Standard AccuComfort Platinum 20 [...]

Easy Steps to Automate Your Home

The phrase “smart home” has crept into our lingo to describe automatic electronic features that save money and add convenience to homeowners. To many people a smart home is something available only to the tech savvy or economic elite but that is not so. Home automation technology is affordable to most homeowners, especially if [...]

5 heating problems to avoid this winter

          Get a furnace tune-up and relax   Many problems with heating can be traced back to five areas, according to serviceexperts.com: 1) The thermostat breaks, which causes a loss of heat or other unpleasantness. Fan motor, belts or bearings malfunction, causing too much or too little heat. Dirty or clogged filters lead to airflow [...]

5 smart, simple steps to improve in-door air

You can take five simple steps to improve the quality of air inside your home and help your heating and cooling system perform better.   Since most of us spend most of our time indoors, it’s critical to cut air pollutants than can irritate eyes and cause headaches and worse.   Greenbuildermedia.com has these five [...]

Look for lower heating bills this winter

If forecast is correct Look for lower heating bills this winter   Warmer weather this winter could mean lower heating bills.   Heating bills for homes using electricity should drop about 3 percent and natural gas about 10 percent, the U.S. Energy Department said.   Its prediction is based on a National Oceanic and Atmospheric [...]

Carbon Monoxide is a Colorless, Odorless Goblin

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning can cause flu-like symptoms, confusion, brain damage and even death.  All gas appliances produce carbon monoxide, like stoves, water heaters and furnaces.  Dirty, inefficiently burning appliances can produce an excess of carbon monoxide that can leak into your home. Help keep your home safe by installing a carbon monoxide detector on every [...]

7 Reasons to Schedule a Heating Season Tune-up

1. Join the crowd. A survey by Honeywell, Inc. found that about 55% of American homeowners have their heating and cooling equipment professionally serviced at least once a year. They know that an annual “clean & check” tune-up is one of the best home maintenance investments you can make. 2. You save money. Studies [...]

Tips to make your winter warmer

  Fall is still far off, but now is a good time to prepare your furnace for the inevitable cold weather ahead.   One tip: Test your furnace on a cool day way well before winter sets in. This way, you can determine if your furnace is working. If it’s not, you have plenty [...]

Amana’s ASXC lifetime warranty gives peace of mind

With Amana’s ASXC18, you can rest easy because the compressor comes with a lifetime warranty. The compressor is a unit’s most expensive part, so you want to be sure you can count on it. “The lifetime warranty protects you longer than many other air conditioners' warranties,” says TopTenReviews.com. The service says some other units [...]

The Solution to a Comfortable Home this Season?

A Whole-Home Humidifier System! Don’t let the air inside your house get too dry! Skin irritation, difficulty breathing, and static electricity are common problems. If your home is too dry, a humidifier may be the answer. Clues like awakening with a sore throat, dryness in your nose, or even a nosebleed can be signs of [...]

Common Types of Heating Systems Used in Alabama

Common Types of Heating Systems Used in Alabama There are many different types of heating systems used throughout Alabama. Forced Air System:  One of the most common types of home heating solution is the forced air system. This is a system where an energy source heats a furnace, and air is passed through that furnace [...]

Homes Are Getting Smarter and Smarter

Homes Are Getting Smarter and Smarter So-called “smart homes” are already with us. You can get your home set up so that lights automatically flicker on and off as people enter and leave rooms. Programmable thermostats can raise and lower the temperature at preset times; a security system can alert fire and police departments of [...]

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