“Hard” Water: Soap Wars – Liquid vs. Bar

Is soap scum clogging your drain? Maybe you want to consider liquid soap, especially if you have “hard” water.

A New York Times science writer, C. Claiborne Ray, explains:

close-up of kitchen sink with pouring water, shallow focus, horizontal shotChemicals can create “hard” water, which may combine with bar soap to clog the drain. Liquid soap, which is a detergent, is less likely to create this clogging than bar soap, which is created by a process called saponification involving water, lye and oil (animal or vegetable oil, not petroleum-based oil).

“Many shower gels are not technically soap but rather detergents, usually made from a petroleum base rather than animal or vegetable fats. They tend not to form drain-clogging scum,” he writes.

“To dissolve soap scum, plain vinegar, a mild acid and hot water are often sufficient — there’s rarely need for stronger drain cleaners.”

There are many pros and cons in the debate over liquid soap versus bar soap. They include financial, environmental and personal factors.

For a complete rundown, see https://health.howstuffworks.com/skin-care/cleansing/products/bar-soap-liquid-soap.htm

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