Do Electric Motors Need Cleaning?

Dirty AC Blower Wheel and Motor Before

dirty ac blower wheel 1cleaned ac blower motor 1dirty ac blower motor 2

An eighth of an inch of dust on an Electric Motors can increase a homeowner’s power bill by as much as 20-25% or to look at it another way your system will operate 20-25% longer to keep you comfortable. Imagine wearing a fur coat and running up a hill. You can imagine how much harder it would be than running up that hill in shorts and a tee shirt. All the air in your home is moved by this motor and the attached wheel. An average blower motor and wheel will move more than 1 million cubic feet of air through a home every day. Most Electric Motors (blower motors) and wheels will have similar build up. The life of a system depends on it running at factory fresh conditions.

Same AC Blower Wheel and Motor After Cleaning

cleaned ac blower wheel 1

cleaned ac blower motor 1

cleaned ac blower motor 2







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