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The Greatest AC Design Guide you can download for FREE

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The Greatest AC Design Guide you can download for FREE

The Ultimate Home Owner’s Guide to Designing an HVAC System

Download the FREE ebook by clicking the button above! It’s 59 pages about designing your own heating and cooling system. Use this FREE resource to know why we recommend the system for you or to check your current AC man and put him to the test.

The Only Comfort System (Furnace and Air Conditioning) buying guide you will ever need.

9 Steps to building the Ultimate HVAC system.

How to buy a Furnace or AC the Right Way, from the right company, for the right price?

How to get everything you want and need in the budget you can afford!

The Only Comfort System (Furnace and Air Conditioning) buying guide you will ever need.

Inside this guide you will find:

Chapter 1. Design

  • The Importance of Proper Design of a Heating and Cooling System

Chapter 2. Proper Sizing

  • Why Heat Load Calculations Will Make You Question Everything You Have Heard From Your HVAC Guy

Chapter 3. Basic Equipment Styles

  • Heating and Air Conditioning Once Saved the World: Part 1
  • Heating and Air Conditioning Once Saved the World: Part 2
  • Which is the Best Air Conditioner Brand?
  • Package Unit vs Split System
  • Air Conditioner vs Heat Pump
  • How a Variable Speed Fan is Making the World a Better Place

Chapter 4. Return Air and Duct Design

  • HVAC Performance Depends on Good Duct-work
  • The Problem with Leaky Ducts
  • Do I Need a Duct Cleaning?

Chapter 5. Equipment Features and Selection

  • An Expert Interview About SEER
  • What is a Ton of Air Conditioning?
  • Single Stage vs Two Stage Compressors
  • Furnace Heat Chambers: Aluminized Steel vs Stainless Steel
  • Why is New Copper for Refrigerant Lines Important?

Chapter 6. Enhancements and Controls

  • Do I Need a New Digital Thermostat?
  • I Have Elderly Parents Who Have A Difficult to Operate Thermostat
  • Can You Recommend An Easy to Use Solution?
  • Will a Nest Thermostat Work with my AC System?
  • Does It Matter How You Achieve Efficiency? Or that you get a lower power bill!
  • How Much Insulation Do I Need in My Home?
  • Spray Foam Insulated Attics
  • My evaporator coil is leaking, why? or Why do I have a leaking evaporator coil?
  • How to Prevent Evaporator Coil Leaks?

Chapter 7. Allergy Protection

  • Several Insane (but true) Things About Humidity
  • MERV, Not Another Funny Texting Letters
  • How Can I Know If I Have Mold and Mildew in My Ventilation System?
  • Air Duct Cleaning Service or a Better Air Filter, Which is the Best Investment?
  • Clean Indoor Air; A Simple Guide to Indoor Air Quality
  • 5 Ways To Deal With Crawl Space Air

Chapter 8. Warranty and Price

  • Why No One Talks About Their Home Warranty Anymore
  • The insiders secrets to All the credits and rebates available in Birmingham, AL
  • Costco members earn CASH from HVAC Installation
  • How Much Does an Air Conditioner Cost?
  • What’s the Price of a Heating and Cooling System?
  • Can I Get A Lower Price?
  • Can I Just “3 Bids” in the HVAC Industry!

Chapter 9. Maintenance after Installation

  • Heating Season Tune-ups Save Money, And Maybe Your Life
  • What is the Freedom Comfort Club?

Bonus: Water Heaters and Home Enhancements

  • Tankless vs Tank Water Heater
  • Electric Water Heater vs Gas Water Heater
  • How Hot to Set Your Water Heater?
  • Whole House Generators Can Keep You Out of Trouble
  • Ductless AC in Every Home Means Comfort and Savings
  • Protect Yourself and Your Electronics From Lightning Strikes