Not too early to check your heating system

HVAC technician using a meter to check heat pump amperage

In our part of Alabama, the arrival of football season is a good reminder to ensure your heater is running at peak efficiency and won’t encounter costly problems that can be avoided.

You can have both your heating and air conditioning systems checked at the same time. Just call Freedom Heating and Cooling at (205) 444-4444. Our staff has a total of 200 years experience, so we work quickly and efficiently.


On a gas furnace we check the filter and coil system, which significantly affect your heater’s performance. Dirty filters, coils, and fans reduce airflow; reduced airflow weakens the system’s performance and can lead to compressor damage if not fixed.

This requires cleaning and lubricating the fan motor annually to guarantee adequate airflow. In addition, we examine the fan speed, pulley settings, fan belts and motor speeds.

On a heat pump, we inspect ducts, filters, blower, and indoor coil for dirt and other obstructions; seal leaky ducts if needed; measure airflow; examine electric terminals, which may need cleaning and tightening; and double-check electric controls to make sure that cooling is locked out when the thermostat calls for heat.

What you can do

You can save money and worry by cleaning or changing filters once a month or as needed. Also, follow the manufacturer’s instructions.